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From staff...

"The fieldwork was really excellent  - well organised, adaptable, focused on the course and with exceptional resources, especially with regards to GIS. Classroom sessions were fantastic. It has been great working with Chloe!"

"Superb! The course was really thoroughly researched and the level of support for both students and staff was unreal - truly above and beyond. The research techniques were detailed and current - the best fieldwork I've been on in five years of teaching. Chloe herself was the best asset... so knowledgeable about the NEA, the island and the geography"


"This A level course was excellent – Chloe was really great with the students. Outstanding instruction... I couldn’t have asked for more – thank you Chloe"

"Excellent as always. Chloe is a highly skilled tutor and an expert in the geography NEA."

"Very many thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the students - they all love you! We have all thoroughly enjoyed learning from you!"


From students...

"Chloe is an absolutely amazing teacher – everything was made interesting. She definitely informed us thoroughly of what we need in our Paper 3."

"I found the course to be fantastic, interesting and hugely varied… it has been one of my favourite experiences in geography so far – especially in terms of fieldwork – I would love to do another course on the island."

"The support that I received was amazing. Chloe is an absolute miracle worker. The programme was intense, but I now appreciate all the hard work and dedication Chloe has given us."

"Chloe was really knowledgeable, very approachable and clearly passionate – I completely forgot this was ‘school work’."

"Your patience and humour were exactly what we needed to stay on track and motivated - we couldn't have asked for anyone better!"

"Chloe, thank you for your help in our paper three examination - if I get a grade nine, you will definitely be one of the people at the top of the list who has helped me to achieve it!"

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