Chloë has written and published a number of lesson plans, teaching resources and books through the  TES Resources site.

Chloë also writes on commission for a number of different geographical bodies and associations.

She is the author of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s award winning A Student

Guide to the A Level Independent Investigation* and has also written over one hundred online

resources for them.


Some of her most recent commissioned work includes:


The Sharqiya Sands Desert Pack


Quantitative Skills in Geography – Ecosystems module

Discovering Oman (editor)

Geographical Association "25 great..." fieldwork posters

Crossing the Empty Quarter PSHE pack


Chloë has also researched and edited areas of the Discovering Britain project and has written for the Geographical Association magazine.



* Awarded Highly Commended in the Geographical Association Publishers Awards 2018

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The following resources are free to download.

stats geog res.png
Statistical Geography Resources
stats calcs.png
Statistical Calculators
risk ass.png
Risk Assessments
work 7.png
NEA Title Balloon Debate
work 9.png
What is the Data? (NEA)
teach indep nea.png
Teaching Independence in the NEA
gis in nea.png
Using GIS in the NEA
work 6.png
Question Your Place Analysis (NEA)
work 8.png
Perfect Research Exercise
guide 30.png
Creating Research Questions
work 5.png
Question Your Place Writing Frame (NEA)